What we do

We look after good natured, small dogs from all walks of life, and provide them with in-home daycare, and overnight board.

Our numbers are limited to 2-3 dogs at at any time, providing a personalised experience, away from the noisy environment of the kennels.

They have the run of an enclosed, covered courtyard, a small adjoining orchard, and can pop inside our house when they want.

Dogs that are well known to us, and easy to handle, will get taken out for a walk in the local park when we walk Our Dog

Who we are

We are an English couple living in sunny Masterton, and we like looking after dogs. It’s not our full time job by any means, but we like meeting new people and finding out about their dogs.

Opening Hours

We are able to cater for doggy guests through out the year:

  • Weekdays
  • Weekends
  • Public holidays.

Check-In / Check-out

Check-in and Check-out times are by appointment.

Be sure to discuss what times you would like, when making a booking, as we are flexible when it comes to times for checking your dog in and out.

* As a rule of thumb, pick up times for Day Care visits are usually before evening starts.